Best Natural Tattoo Removal at Home

Best Natural Tattoo Removal at Home - Tattoo are art painting on human skin. Whether the Tattooing in 2014 is now being popular in your country? If your answer is Yes then certainly there is a widespread tattoo removal service in your city. Did you know that there is a natural way of removing a tattoo? This is the way how to remove tattoo safer.

Best Natural Tattoo Removal at Home :

Remove tattoo by using “chashew nuts (Anacardium occidentale)” with a total of at least 10 seeds by using cutton bud or stick

Grab cashew seeds and puncture the top of the seed by using cutton bud or stick to pull out the sap, then rub the sap on your skin with tattoos. Done slowly until all the sap to cover your tattoo, wait until the sap dries. This way will cause scars or we called Keroid.

Natural Way as a scar removal at home :

1. Olive oil
Apply olive oil to the scar area. This method can be also help lift scars.
2. Honey
The most effective way is by applying honey several time a day. This method will make the skin look naturally shine and get rid of scars.
3. Aloe vera
Apply aloe vera sap area to fresh wounds. This is the effective way to permanently prevent cuts.
4. Sandal Wood
Make a mixture of sandalwood paste with rose water. Apply at night and wash in the morning. This method is one of the best ways to eliminate scars.
5. Lemon juice
Lemon Juice is a natural bleach and helps disguise the scars and black spot found on skin.
6. Lavender oil
Apply lavender oil to the scar by using a cotton as much as 2 times a day.

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Actually there are many natural or traditional method of removing tattoos in your body. Keep visiting this blog to get the information. Article about BEST NATURAL TATTOO REMOVAL AT HOME above is the first article in this blog about tattoos. May be usefull to you.

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Best Natural Tattoo Removal at Home
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