15 New Balayage Dark Hair Before After

2016 is the modern age. Women use unique hairstyles of the previous year. Off hairstyle is a hairstyle that suits you. Please read the tips below

Y’all know we’ve been on board with ombre hair and its many variations, for a long time and are always scouting for a new take on the trend. If you’ve heard your stylist whip around the word “balayage,” that’s when we suggest you perk up it’s the hair color trend to try.

Balayage is French free-handed highlighting techniques that will make you look perfectly sun-kissed, like a subtle, blended ombre (and really, who isn’t down for that?). The best part? It lets your stylist release her inner Van Gogh (read: foil-free), so she can totally personalize the colors and placement for you. Need proof?

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Gorgeous examples of why balayage is the look for you.

1. Golden Brown: Maybe you just returned from a Mediterranean vacation spent sunning yourself on a yacht. Or maybe you and your stylist just conspired to evoke that look, but don’t worry, we’ll never tell.

2. Dramatic Red Ombre: Balayage is a super fun technique for those who like to experiment with color. Your ombre can be blended, but still super bold.

3. Cool Blonde: If you’ve ever been jealous of the natural highlights children develop in the summer, you can rein in your inner green-eyed monster. With a blonde balayage-d ‘do, you can look that natural too.

4. Splash lights: If you’re looking for something edgier, balayage is also used to create a look called the splash light, where color is only painted onto the middle of the strand. We’re just waiting for this one to take over the runway.

5. Snowy Blonde: Want to go platinum, but afraid to take the plunge? Use balayage to paint it at varying heights on your strands. You get all the wow of such a bright blonde, but you keep the warmer, subtler tones near your face.

6. Julia Engel: Not only does balayage created gorgeous, multi-layered color, it also lets you get away with stretching out salon visits just a little longer. Who’s to say if those are roots or just a part of the masterpiece?

7. Highlighted Gray: Kelly Osbourne has been telling us for ages that gray isn’t just for middle-aged women anymore, and we believe her. We’re betting more stylish ladies would rock this color if they knew they could do it with such a variety of tones.

8. Poppy Montgomery: Most of us don’t have the luxury of being natural redheads, but folding in some blonde balayage can at least make us feel like we are.

9. Luminous Lights: Whether you’re trying to protect your hair or your wallet from the havoc chemical dyes can reek, just a few well-placed face-framing pieces can totally liven up your look.

10. Subtle Ombre: If you weren’t born with bottle-perfect color, a subtle ombre can give that mouse brown or dishwater blonde some much needed pop!

11. Pastel Pink: While we applaud all you ladies rocking various shades of neon hair, sometimes we want something a little subtler. This pastel pink on platinum blonde fits the bill quite nicely.

 15 New Balayage Dark Hair Before After 


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15 New Balayage Dark Hair Before After
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