Kitchen Faucet Repair Emergency

Before knowing exactly how to do reparation, it is better to know several common problems when it comes to faucet problems. Identifying a problem in a faucet can be quite simple. One just needs to listen to sounds the faucet makes. If there is a sound, there is a likelihood that the faucet is having a problem. A squeaky notice, for instance, is commonly caused by harden rubber because as sign of aging. In this case, replacing it with a kit will just do, and the faucet will work just like usual.

This kind of reparation is not really urgent because it only annoys the owners. Otherwise, there is no dangerous problem even if kitchen faucet repair is not performed. Still talking about squeaky noise, it is also recommended to check whether the connection between handle and its stem. Lack of grease in this area can make faucet difficult to be maneuvered, and is quite annoying though.

Moving to more serious problem, there is a time when the water is not flowing smoothly which is requiring kitchen faucet repair. It may be caused by clogged aerator. It is an item that is installed in the mouth of faucet to give spraying effect, and it can deposit minerals so that it is clogged. The solution is unscrew the aerator and cleaning it using lime liquid until the screen is clear.

It usually works well. If problem still persists, and the water flow is still low, it is probably caused by faulty diverter. It is located far away from the mouth as it is near the stem. Just unscrew the joints between the handle and stem to find the diverter and clean it using vinegar and hot water. Hopefully it will make the water flow back in the track again, so that there is no need to purchase new kitchen faucet parts.

There is also one problem that is quite annoying especially in a very peaceful night and it is known as night dripping. The sound of water drip is definitely annoying because it continuously to happen. The solution is simply to put a string near faucet mouth so that water will not drip directly into sink or bathtub. The water flowing through the string does not make noise, and it is absolutely a great way for relieving from such torture. Another problem may be caused by water running too hot.

The solution is to set the temperature into energy-efficient or anything that makes the water is measured at 120F. This will not only save skin from burning, but it also saves energy. If problem persists, it may require kitchen faucet replacement.

The next and the most common problem of all are leaks. Leaks can happen often especially if there is something wrong with joints. Without proper care, water wastage is inevitable, and it is absolutely not a good thing to happen. The solution is practically simple and it is almost similar to solving squeaking problems. Some kitchen faucet brands have a complete set when this kind of situation occur containing o-rings or cartridge.

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Kitchen Faucet Repair Emergency
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