Why Bridge Faucet Is Less Favorable?

Bridge faucet surely wins the looks of the faucets especially in the typical traditional house, cottage house, or the country house. The decision in using the bridge faucet will be more on the looks of the faucet and how it fits with the entire room decoration which is normally being integrated into the traditional style. Apart from the looks, the other advantage of the bridge kitchen faucets are the ability to adjust the hot and cold water anytime you want with the degree that you can also prepare yourself. Two handle of the bridge faucets allow you to make a different heat of the water that you prefer and need. The other advantage of using the bridge faucet is the availability of two kind of water, both hot and cold in your kitchen. Using the bridge faucet is only suitable in the kitchen, since the using of the bridge faucet in the bathroom would be somehow less handy. People prefer to use normal or automatic faucet with multi head fixture in the bathroom or simply use bathtub.


Even though we have some advantages in using the bridge faucet, actually there are many people doesn’t like using the bridge faucet for some reason the bridge faucet kitchen will not be handy when you hand is full and grubby. You will be happy to find that you can turn on and off your faucet with your wrist or forearms when you are heavy doing things with your both hands. It will be very handy when you are cooking. But with the bridge faucet you will surely find yourself to be totally need to use your both hand just to turn it on.


Remember bridge faucets have 2 handle for both cold and hot water? Nah! This is the reason why you need both hands. You don’t want to miss it and find it you only turn one tap and got your hand brunt of the water pouring. Otherwise you will get the water flowing in cold while you are in the winter? Very uncomfortable, we are sure. So this is one of the reason people have one temperature controlled for the faucets and one and only tap with different spray water on the other side. You can have your hand dirty but will not infect the others by holding the metal bridge faucet with a dirty hand.


After that double less handy tap of the bridge faucet that some people unhappily share their experience about, we will think about the family. Not only the mother who spend time in the kitchen and the surrounding. All the family members gather around the kitchen or dining room at least three times a day for meal and chit chat. If you have children in your house you really need to avoid using the bridge tap. Not because it is bad or looks improper, but the kids are often running around and when you tell them to wash their hand without knowing which tap for hot and cold water, or their hand is dirty and they cannot check the temperature, it will be dangerous as they can get burnt.

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Why Bridge Faucet Is Less Favorable?
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