Pool Fencing for Children’s Safety

Pool fencing is necessary if you have kids at home to keep pool secure and prevent accidental drowning. Pool fence is not only the barrier between kids and pool, but it has to meet safety requirement so we can say that we have good pool fencing.

Safety Requirement of Pool Fencing

  1. Height. Safety pool fence should have has proper height to prevent any kids or even adults accessing pool area. Some areas require minimum height three and a half feet tall, the other areas require minimum height 4 feet tall. Check your local area law about the minimum requirement. Taller fence gives more protection and more effective to keep kids and adults out of pool area.
  2. Sturdy materials. Good pool fence has to be made from any materials that are not susceptible for damage. It has to be strong and sturdy so it cannot bend, warp and break easily. Its materials should have resist from corrosion, strong pool chemicals or other elements that may harm the fence durability.
  3. Gates. Even though the fence already met the minimum height standard and materials, it still useless if it has open gate. That is why safety pool fence should have has self-closing and self-latching gate. The gate must open outward away from pool. The latch must be located out of children reach. To add more security, put padlock to the gate.
  4. Type. There are two types of pool fences, removable and permanent fences. Permanent fences are preferable because its durability.
  5. Bar and mesh placement. Bars placement should not be bigger than 4-inches apart, so kids cannot squeeze easily through the bars. Mesh should not be wider than one and a half inches so kids cannot use the mesh as foot holder to climb the fence. The gaps beneath the fence should be considered too. Since children can squeeze and crawl underneath it.
The pool fencing installation also has requirement criteria. You cannot install the fence carelessly since the safety of your family members is depending on how good you install it. If you do not have enough confidence, it is best if you delegate the task to professionals.

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Criteria of Pool Fencing Installation

  1. The fence should not be near objects that can help children climb or jump over the fence like trees, boulders, walls, statues and so on.
  2. The fence should surround all edges of pool. Even for hedges near the pool should be surrounded.
  3. The gates must be self-closing and even better self-latching.

Additional Safety Practices

The effectiveness of accidental drowning prevention will be greater if you do not depend only on pool fencing but you also give safety practices lesson to all family members. Since you have no idea how kids can be so smart finding the ways to go passing through pool fence.
  1. When you do not use the pool, set additional safety equipment like pool safety net, pool cover or pool alarm.
  2. Put away ladders and steps and pool toys so they cannot attract children to go to the pool.
  3. Teach your kids to swim at an early age.
  4. Teach discipline and right behavior regarding pool activities.
  5. Give yourself or any adults who may supervise children the techniques of infant and child CPR.
That are information regarding pool safety fence that you should know before you start the installation task.

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Pool Fencing for Children’s Safety
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