Solid Wood Doors That Are Right For Your House

Giving your home a new door installation, before you suddenly pick its design, sizes, styles, and so on, think about its material. Steel door is the cheapest option, more it requires very low maintenance, though it can’t handle humidity. Next affordable material for door is fiberglass. This is actually slightly higher in price compared to steel door, but it’s worth as you can gain both fine appearance with intricate design, plus it is very durable. The last option is solid wood door. This is the most expensive option. Though fiberglass can mimic the beauty of wood door, but it can’t win the fine beauty and craftsmanship of wood door. Solid wood doors can stay years to do its duty, however, proper maintenance should be included.

It has good resistance toward dent and scratch. Considering solid wood for entry door, prior you shop around and start the installation, think about the styles of solid wood entry doors that fit to your home. Bi-fold and french door are very common when it comes to solid wood exterior doors. The design style of your entry door is not enough to give nice impression to flaunt the beauty wood door that you choose. Remember that aesthetic appeal is important for exterior door, even can be more than interior door. The addition of stiles and rails, moldings, and other hardware-- those should be put into account.

The finish option solid wood front doors, you need to decide whether you want to cover your front door with paint or stain. Oh, you better remember that the other side of the front doors are considered as interior door. If you choose to painted front door, make certain that it will blend perfectly with solid wood interior doors that you install inside the doors. Door is not merely a door, it gives bold statement toward the whole home decor. Else, if you pick stained entry door, think whether it match with the inside part of your home. Determine the weather anytime you think about installing the door.

Live in a surrounding with direct sun exposure, add extra protection for the door like special sealant to protect wood material or so. Put those earlier mentioned into account, now it’s about the installation of the solid wooden doors. The options are two pre-hung wood door or slab door. You expect the installation with more personal touch and modification, slab is recommended. Guess what? You can do as many as customization that you want. But, there is additional cost for the installation that include the professional that executes the job.

Unlike slab door, pre-hung (read : Selecting Prehung Interior Doors) is more simpler for the installation, you even can install it yourself. Nevertheless, you can’t expect to do many customization for the door, since its come in one complete package. Choosing pre-hung, reduce an inch of the door from the actual opening measurement where the door is installed to hinder any problem that may occur on the installation of the chosen wood door.

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Solid Wood Doors That Are Right For Your House
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