Best Jennifer Aniston Sedu Haircut

Jennifer Aniston's hair has been admired and adored by a great deal of woman since her appearance as Rachel Green on the television show "Friends". She is well well-known for the Jennifer Aniston sedu haircuts and hairstyles that she characteristically wears.

We will take a brief look at how the Jennifer Aniston sedu haircut is achieved.

Sedu haircuts are fashioned by using the Sedu flat iron to get rid of the curl from your hair. This effectively makes curly hair straight. Depending upon the number of disulfide bonds between hair proteins within the hair shaft determines whether hair is curly or straight. The more the number of links, the curlier the hair, and the less the number of links, the straighter the hair.

People can temporarily alter their hair to force it into a straight state, or a curly state, but only on a temporary, not on a permanent, basis. People with curly hair may chemically alter their hair to give it a straighter appearance by breaking the strong disulfide bonds. This is essentially how a flat iron works.

An important point to note is the fact that in addition to removing curls, the iron also works to lessen frizz and create a smooth, silky, straight appearance in any length of hair. When the cuticle scales of the hair lie flat and overlap neatly, the hair feels silky soft and has a glossy look to it. If, however, the cuticle scales have been damaged either chemically or physically, the hair will be dull and brittle. Because flat irons work at high temperatures, they can cause damage to the hair.

As such a typical, ceramic flat iron will damage your hair with frequent use, causing frizz, split ends and hair that appears dry. However the negative ions of the Sedu flat iron are known to soften the hair and lock in the hair's natural moisture while it straightens. The sedu flat iron uses very high concentrations of negative ions to straighten and de-frizz hair.

If you are wondering how beneficial negative ions are, just take a trip to the beach. Notice, that after playing on the shore, or swimming in the ocean, you feel refreshed. This is due to the action of the waves generating an abundance of negative ions in the air. They literally invigorate our bodies. The negative ions produced by the sedu flat iron, invigorates your hair so to speak, protecting it from damage.

Best Jennifer Aniston Sedu Haircut

The straight Jennifer Aniston sedu haircut is long lasting and easy to create using the sedu flat iron. One of the paramount benefits of the Sedu flat iron, is that it almost cuts your hair straightening time in half. While a conventional hair iron can take quite a few minutes to heat to full temperature, the Sedu iron will heat to full temperature within about 25 seconds after being turned on.

One of the reasons why the Sedu hair cuts are just right for the majority of women is because it never goes out of style! You can sport the sleek, no-frizz look with long, layered locks, or in short, wispy cuts that frame your face. Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of how the Sedu haircut can be worn in a variety of ways. Thanks....

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Best Jennifer Aniston Sedu Haircut
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