Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hairstyles Review

Jennifer rocked to stardom with her dance moves as the backup dancer for the famous singer Janet Jackson. Copying in the footsteps of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez started sporting the sedu hairstyles that you too can now have, thanks to the inexpensive and readily available Sedu flat iron. What makes Jennifer Lopez rise to fame so impressive is the fact that she came from a poor background, having been raised in the Bronx, NewYork. She financed her own singing and dance lessons from the age of nineteen. Dont you just love the way she moves and the way her hair looks. We are going to show you how you can also have the Jennifer Lopes Sedu hairstyles.

Jennifer's sculptured hairstyle from the 49th Annual Academy Awards was dazzling. The curvature and waves of her style created a soft beautiful shape. Her top and sides area are of particular significance, where the finger waves have created a high crest. Its possible for you to sport the same style of hair without the expensive cost of a stylist.

She also looked stunning at her record release of her CD "Como Ama Una Mujer". Extra body and bounce was created with a layered cut making her hair look soft and textured. To sport the same Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hairstyles look, first ensure you have straightened your hair using the Sedu flat iron. If you are unsure how to do this please read Sedu Hairstyles How To.
  1. Next add some styling mousse to wet hair to give it that extra hold and help achieve better results.
  2. Standing in front of a mirror locate the center of your left eye and then drag the comb straight up gradually until you reach your hairline and then continue back to ensure an even left part. A side part creates the illusion of width.
  3. Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush. Work in sections until the hair is completely dry.
  4. Use a large curling iron to add body and create soft curls. With a small area of hair, wrap the ends of hair up around the barrel until you reach your mid-lengths. Hold the hair for 5 to 10 seconds and then release the hair by unwinding the strands backwards.
  5. Lightly pinch the ends of your hair with some moulding cream.
  6. Apply moulding cream to the ends and then pinch and scrunch your hair before the moulding cream sets.
We will be adding more Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles so please bookmark us and return.

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Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hairstyles Review
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