Sedu Hair Style Tips for Moderns Style 2016

Sedu Hair Style Tips for Moderns Style 2016 - Tips about the maintenance of your hair is just as important as tips on using the Sedu hair style straightener.

Remember, keeping your hair's healthy good looks is important because the Sedu hair straighteners essentially iron your hair, more or less like you would iron a pair of pants. It’s the heat of the ceramic and tourmaline pieces that iron all of the curly curls out of your hair.

Because of the high heat temperatures, do not use the Sedu flat iron daily. Use it occasionally, just enough to keep your hair straight looking. This is because the constant heat can dry the hair, taking away its moisture. The heated plates actually break the strong disulfide bonds in the hair which give it its curl. However the negative ions of the Sedu flat iron are known to soften the hair and lock in the hair's natural moisture while it straightens.

Be sure you have something to place the hot iron onto, while you are straightening your hair, like a small wire rack of the kind you would put cooked items on to cool down. In this way you will keep the hair iron up off of the counter top allowing the air to flow under it.

Remember to:
  1. Shampoo your hair and towel dry before using the Sedu flat iron.
  2. Use a small amount of straightening balm and hair moisturizer on the middle and ends of the hair, this helps to protect the hair from the heat when using the straightening iron. If you apply the balm and the moisturizer to the roots of the hair it will make your hair look oily. This is why we suggest you apply it just to the middle and ends of your hair.
  3. Your hair will need to be dry to use the sedu straight iron, so you will need to use a hair-dryer. Remember to direct the airflow of the hair dryer down the hair shaft to minimize frizz. For full instructions on how to perform the sedu hairstyle please visit Sedu Hairstyles How To
Sedu Hair style Tips to add a flick to your straight hair:
  1. Shampoo and condition your hair and then towel dry.
  2. Apply some straightening balm and moisturizer to the middle and ends of your hair.
  3. Blow-dry your hair, directing the airflow down the hair shaft.
  4. Part your hair into three sections.
  5. Spray some thermal protection spray into each section to protect the hair from the heat of the heating iron.
  6. Now its time to start straightening and flicking. Place your comb in the first section of your hair and slide it down slightly. Place the straightening iron just above and then slide the comb and the iron down the length of the hair. Once you have reached half way down the hair length then direct the heating iron up and into a flicking action. Do this for each section.
  7. Once each section is completed, follow up by hair spray and then by shine spray.
Its always important to ensure your diet is right for beautiful hair. Essential oils along with an abundance of vitamins and minerals from fresh organic fruits and vegetables will do more for the appearance of your hair than many expensive cosmetics. Since hair is made up of protein, it goes without saying that adequate amounts of protein are essential in the form of fish, nuts and seeds and whey or milk. Proteins are also responsible for many enzyme reactions that go on within our bodies.

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Not just having beautiful hair, but actually keeping it is becoming more of a problem in our modern society with its associated lifestyle. A sedu hair style tip to keep in mind is that the closer a person is to nature the thicker their hair. Some of the most beautiful hair can be seen among native people such as the native American Indians. Thanks for reading about Sedu Hair Style Tips for Moderns Style 2016

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Sedu Hair Style Tips for Moderns Style 2016
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