Sedu Straightener UK for Hairstyles Tips 2016

Sedu Straightener UK for Hairstyles Tips 2016- The name Sedu was coined from the word Seductive. This was the mission of its founders, namely to make every woman who used it a seductive beauty.

Sedu Straightener UK 3-pin Plug

Voted the Top Hair Straightener on the market and favored by the best hair stylists throughout the world, Sedu flat iron (1.5 inch plate width) straightens, smoothes and tames curly or unruly hair for long-lasting results.

Sedu's patented ultra-smooth ceramic/tourmaline plates promise soft straightening action without pulling or damaging of hair. In fact the Sedu Straightener UK emits negative ions to help protect your hair from heat damage while straightenening. Remember when using the Sedu Hair Straightener, the cord should not be wrapped tightly around the equipment, rather coil it loosely before storing, as this prevents breakage of the wires.

Straighteners are also known as flat irons, and are based on the same principle as crimpers but have flat plates rather than ridged metal plates. The flat plates iron out frizz or curl and can be used for "pressing" really curly hair. If you wish to use crimpers than the hair must be straightened first with a flat iron. The crimper is then used to give waves or ripples. If used after straightening with the Sedu Straightener UK, the crimper can be used to increase volume.

The Sedu Straightener UK has a 3-pin plug that plugs into the UK power socket. This make is made to use in UK: 220V -240V with three-pin plug. Its important to use the right product designed for the right country as this can affect the warranty.

Sedu Straightener UK for Hairstyles Tips 2016

  1. Use a styling spray before straightening.
  2. Because straighteners work at high temperatures which can damage the hair, they are designed for use infrequently not daily.

What do some woman think about the Sedu Straightener UK

  •     "I am so amazed at how shiny and smooth my hair was after using this iron. the iron is also very lightweight....
  •     Salon Results at home are really fantastic to experience, finally....
  •     Worth EVERY DIME!!!!"
  •     "love it! its so awsome! i cant live with out my sedu! buy it today!"

The Sedu Straightener UK uses Tourmaline plates, a precious stone, that helps reduce heat damage by locking in the hairs moisture and generating negative ions - upto 6 times more than conventional heating irons. This action leaves the hair soft, smooth and silky with a glossy shine as the hair cuticle scales are pressed flat, neatly overlapping.

Remember that what you eat also has an effect on your hair. Healthy, shiny hair depends on a good diet to ensure it is supplied with all the necessary nutrients. Regular exercise is also important as this type of activity promotes good blood circulation ensuring vital oxygen and nutrients are transported to the hair root by the blood.

Because hair is made up of a protein called keratin, an adequate amount of protein is essential in the diet for good hair health. Fish, seaweed, almonds and brazil nuts all help to give hair strength and a natural shine. Ok, thanks for reading about Sedu Straightener UK for Hairstyles Tips 2016

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Sedu Straightener UK for Hairstyles Tips 2016
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