Hairstyles Sedu Revolution and Specifications

Hairstyles Sedu Revolution and Specifications - The Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron is new and features a ground-breaking curved edge scratch resistant Nano Tourmaline plate system. Flips, curls, wavy hair and straightening is all possible with this revolutionary styling iron thanks to the curved ceramic edges. The tourmaline plates care for and revitalize your hair so it is unbelievably healthy, glossy and manageable.

What makes this Sedu iron revolutionary is the Freestyle Guiding System that allows one smooth pass through the hair, preventing hairs from slipping between the plates. This reduces heat damage to your hair, as you only need to do each section of hair once, rather than multiple times.

Sedu Revolution and Specifications

The curved ceramic plates allow for smooth styling without creating dents in the hair like other straigteners. The curved plates also allow you to create straight and sleek, to waves and mega curls.

The iron plates also contain a groove that discharges negative ions into the hair, as the plates are slid down the hair shaft. This protects the hair, leaving it unbeleivably shiny, healthy and smooth. These negative ions help condition your hair as you style eliminating damage and frizz.

The Sedu Revolution comes with adjustable temperature settings: 180 ºF - 450ºF (120°C - 230°C). For fragile, damaged and fine hair, the lower setting is advised. For normal hair and regular use, a middle range is advised. For thick, ethnic and resistant hair in healthy state, maximum heat on a high setting is advised.

Particles of tourmaline have been infused into the plates of the iron. These super fine tourmaline particles give out a powerful amount of negative ions that seal the hair cuticles locking in moisture, leaving your hair almost humidity-proof with intense shine and manageability

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Hairstyles Sedu Revolution and Specifications
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