Tutorials Sedu Hairstyles How To

Tutorials Sedu Hairstyles How To - Before doing Sedu on your hair, make note of the following important.

Protect Your Hair
Always ensure your hair is dry before using the Sedu Flat Iron. The Sedu straighteners work at high temperatures and your hair could get scorched if it is still damp or wet.

Shampoo your hair and condition it with a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type. Always ensure your hair is clean prior to using the Sedu Flat Iron. To protect your scalp from drying try to use a shampoo that isn’t detergent based and is gentle on the hair. Some shampoos strip the scalp and hair of too much oil. This leads to you having to produce more sebum to keep the scalp and hair lubricated, and consequently can lead to oily hair, dandruff and even hairloss. The sebum is also slightly acidic to help prevent infections and bacteria from growing. So finishing with a conditioner that restores the natural ph of your scalp (ph range 5.00 to 5.60) is also good.

Over heating your hair can result in damage, so ensure the heat is adequate, but not overely excessive for your hair type. This is How To test if the temperature is set correctly for the Sedu Iron. Take a piece of paper misted with water and put it in between the Sedu plates. The heat is set correctly if the paper gets dry but not scorched. Following these simple Sedu Hairstyles how to tips can save you time and prevent hair damage.

Try to work with small hair sections, by dividing your hair up into three sections. Tie these sections up until you are ready for them. Work from section to section, this way, all hair will be straightened equally and there will be fewer uses of the heated iron over your hair.

Before you Sedu
  1. When blow-drying your hair before you use the Sedu flat iron hair straightener try these steps for best results.
  2. Use a paddle brush to help with pulling the curl out of your hair!
  3. To stop your hair from frizzing use a small quantity of hair serum. Apply the serum to the hair while it is damp or straight after towel drying.
  4. While blow-drying your hair, use a flat paddle brush, as it helps to make your hair straighter.
  5. Direct the airflow of the dryer down the hair shaft. This will close the cuticle creating a shine to your hair.

Sedu Hairstyles How To's

Always read the instructions that came with your Sedu Flat Iron before proceeding. After reading the instructions follow these Tips for Sedu Hair.

Sedu Hairstyles How To Tip 1 - Straight and Sleek
The most well known celebrity to use this sedu hairstyle is Jennifer Aniston from the hit television program ‘Friends’.

  1. Begin with a shampoo and conditioner. Gently towel dry the hair once cleaned.
  2. Remember to leave the conditioner in for at least a few minutes before washing out. The whole reason for the conditioner is to put back some oil into the hair and scalp that the shampoo removed while cleaning. If you don’t use the conditioner properly by leaving it in for a few minutes, your hair and scalp will be left dry.
  3. Add a small amount of hair serum or straightening balm and an equal quantity of hair moisturizer to your hair to make it silky and shiney.
  4. Blow dry your hair using a paddle brush, making certain you direct the nozzle of the drier down the hair shaft.
  5. Part your hair into sections. Spray some thermal protection spary onto your hair. Make sure you spray it onto each hair section to protect your hair from the harshness of the heat.
  6. Starting with the first section, place a comb at the base of your hair and slightly slide the comb down, leaving enough space to insert the Sedu Flat Iron behind. With the Sedu Flat Iron behind the comb, slide the comb and the Sedu Flat Iron sown the length of the hair to the end, ensuring you keep the Sedu Hair Straightener vertical the whole time.
  7. Repeat the same for the rest of the sections of your hair. When completed, rub some some smoothing shine into the mid and tips of your hair to prevent any frizzy bits.

Sedu Hairstyles How To Tip 2 – Flicked and Chic
  1. Wash and condition hair before towel drying. Blow-dry your hair.
  2. Separate your hair into 2" sections and blow-dry with a round brush, starting near the back and working around to the front on both sides. Blow dry hair in half-inch pieces.
  3. Straighten your hair as above in the Sedu 'Straight and Sleek' section, however when you get to the ends of the hair, direct the Sedu Flat Iron up and away vertically with a flicking motion.
  4. Repeat this for all the sections of your hair. This will create volume and a flicked look to the ends of the hair making you look chic.
  5. Spray lightly with the hair spray. Finish with a shine serum. Apply to the palms of your hands and lightly brush across the surface of your hair.
Sedu Hairstyles How To Tip 3 - The Updo ‘Prom’ Bun
  1. Follow the steps of the "straight and sleek" how to until your hair is straight.
  2. Apply a firm hold hair gel to the top and sides as you brush back into a tight ponytail.
  3. Once tightly in place, spray front sides and back with firm hold hair spray.
  4. Take a two-inch strip of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the band holding your ponytail in place. Following securing with pins, back comb the remaining hair.
  5. Now take the sections of back combed hair and wrap it around your index finger. This creates a barrel curl. Pin in place with bobby pins.
  6. Carry on doing this until the entire hair is rolled and pinned.
  7. Finish with hold hair spray.
Good information about how to do Sedu hair above is useful for you. Thank you for reading..

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