How to Make a Sedu Haircut Using Layers

Sedu haircuts are one of the more popular styles in vogue. However the sedu haircut presents a challenge. How do you keep the volume and shape of your haircut over a period of time?

The easiest, simplest and the less damaging to your hair by using layers. Layering can be achieved by either razor or scissors. To layer means cutting your hair so that there aren't two hairs of similar length, and the result is additional volume of your hairstyle.

How to make a Sedu haircut using layers? Here are some straightforward steps that will help you add volume to your hair:

First choose the correct length for your sedu haircut. If you have naturally fine hair, than a shorter length may be neccesary. if your hair is naturally thick or course, then a longer hair length will look good layered.

Determine what sort of fringe you would like to have. A fringe is also known as a bang. The right fringe or bang can add character and personality to your style. Asymmetric or side types of fringe provide stylists with inspiration to create famous celebrity hairstyles.

Other ways you can use o add volume to your hairstyle are by the use of

  • Hair extensions.
  • Different kinds of styling products that add volume.
  • Various types of back combing.
It always pays to have a picture of what you would like your stylist to achieve. For this reason, its best to take a picture of the style you desire with you. They can then determine the best way to achieve the look, without having to guess at what you may want. Whether it be Jennifer Aniston or Hillary Duff or any other celebrity or non celebrity for that matter, a good picture makes it easier for you and your stylist to create the ultimate sedu haircut that you will be pleased with.

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How to Make a Sedu Haircut Using Layers
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