Asian Hair Highlights Latest 2016

Asian Hair Highlights Latest 2016 - Different challenges will be faced by people of different ethnicities when their hair should be colored or highlighted because of the difference of hair textures and natural hair colors, but you must be able to highlight all hair types and colors with a little effort and preparation and the differences mentioned before will not be a big problem for you.

Here, we are going to talk about the Asian hair highlights meaning that a highlighting color which is blond or very light brown or even red as a contrast to the dark base layer can be chosen by you because Asian people have dark hair color as their natural hair color. You will not worry about the hair coloring products and tools, you can find the highlight colors and kits at most grocery stores, beauty supply stores and drug stores.

First thing first, a highlighting colors two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color can be chosen and then a strand test can also be performed so that the allergies can be checked at least one day before your hair will be highlighted. Your hair should not be shampooed before your hair is highlighted if you want to get the best result for this because highlights will work greatly when you apply them in the dry or unwashed hair. For anticipating that the highlights can fall in your clothes during the process, an old shirt can be worn by you.

The reason why an old shirt should be worn by you here is because you will not worry your old clothes hit by the highlights and then your top can be covered by using a towel that you can easily wash. Asian hair highlights are not as difficult as you may think, especially for you who have ever tried it, well, the petroleum jelly should also be applied along the full length of your hairline. Your back of the neck and also the top of the ears are included in places that should be applied with highlights.

Asian Hair Highlights Tips

Then, the coloring cream can be mixed with the highlighting color in a plastic bowl, but a metal bowl or metal tools are never allowed to be used here. Small- to medium-sized sections of hair in the top later of hair can be created first and it can be started from the back of your head and your way can be worked to the front of the face. If the larger section of the hair is set, then the highlighting process will give you the chunkier and more dramatic result for your hair then.

Asian Hair Highlights Secret Steps

In creating Asian hair highlights, each section should be saturated thoroughly and it can be done when the highlighting mixture is used well from roots to tips. A fine-toothed comb can be used so that it can be combed through so the section is highlighted evenly or not can be made sure. The mixture of highlighting can be left for about twenty minutes after the mixture is applied on your hair and after that your hair can be rinsed by using warm water before a gentle shampoo and deep conditioner are used to wash your hair.

Asian Hair Highlights Suggestions

There are some tips of Asian hair highlights and from now you will be able to do it yourself. However, the gloves should always be remembered to be worn so your hands can be protected while your hair is being highlighted. Good luck!

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Asian Hair Highlights Latest 2016
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