Brunette Hair Color Shades for 2016

That it is more beautiful and fun for having blonde hair as said by many people is not entirely right because brunette hair color will also be your great option when it comes to color your hair especially when it is added with the rich brunette hair color shades that will make you more different from your previous look. Moreover, the urge to color your hair a deep shade of chocolate or hazelnut brown will be hard to be resisted with so many luscious shades to be chosen from by you, and before the rich brown hair is chosen by you, a good look at your current strand situation can be taken. If you are blessed with the blonde hair and you want to color it into darker, then you should be more careful because some risks should be taken by you here.

Before the brunette hair color shades can be chosen for your hair, there are some important things that should be considered by you and the first point that should be thought by you is that whether the color change can be handled by your skin tone. Moreover, some changes can be made to your makeup so you will be helped so that the better look as a brunette can be created if the brown is really decided by you to be made. For example, your eyebrows can be colored with the same color as your hair and the eyebrow pencil can be used for doing this so your hair and brows can be helped so they can be blended together.

In addition, your eyes can be made pop when the makeup is started to be worn by you and either dark brown or black mascara and eyeliner can be chosen to be used so that a good contrast can be provided to your hair. Bangs can also be created if your previous look does not have bangs especially for you who have blonde hair and it wants to be changed to the brown so your skin tone can be blended more into blonde hair and a drastic delineation will not be left between the two colors. So, you should be trickier when you want to have brunette hair color shades.

However, the fact that your scalp will be made prominent when the brunette hair color shadesare used if yours is a high forehead should also be known by you because the look will also be made more obvious. Therefore, this problem in many cases can be helped to be balanced out when the bangs are added by you. Moreover, the types of color that you can look nice before a brown hair color can be picked should also be thought carefully.

If you want to have some examples of celebrities who use the brunettes hair color shade, Mila Kunis can be seen by you that a dark shade created by the ribbons of medium-brown color can really look good. Alternatively, Katie Holmes’ chocolate hue can also be followed by you but if you want to have the shinier shades, then a glaze can be applied every few weeks. Or else, the medium brown shade owned by Angelina Jolie’s may also inspire you and your glossy hair can be kept if the deep conditioning treatments are done weekly by you.

Hopefully, the brunette hair color shades can really suitable with your look and skin tone. Be confident when you want to change your hair color shades. Moreover, brunette is still the best up to now to be tried.

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Brunette Hair Color Shades for 2016
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