List of Beauty and the Beast Characters Names

Beauty and the Beast Characters Names - The name of Beauty and the Beast is definitely very famous in the history of fairy tales in this world. In this fairy tale, there are several names that are very important to build the main story line. Do you know who they are? If you want to know the Beauty and the Beast characters names along with their role in the story, then you need to read on to find out.

Belle is the main female protagonist character in this Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. In the history of Walt Disney’s fairy tales, Belle is the 5th member of the line up of Disney Princesses. Belle was living in France, in a small town to be exact, with his father. Her father, Maurice, was an inventor in the small town. Belle was known as the most beautiful girl in her town and loved reading a lot. She was depicted to be brave, outspoken, strong-willed and also intelligent. She also said to resemble a symbol of feminism who did not want to accept the old fashioned role of women in society.

List of Beauty and the Beast Characters Names

1. The Beast
Another protagonist name of Beauty and the Beast characters names is the Beast. This is a fictional character who was actually a handsome prince who was cursed by a wicked witch. The beast was depicted as a mixture of various animals such as wolf, lion, gorilla, bear and buffalo. It made the character of the Beast was like a mythical monster. He was actually a very kind hearted prince but since he got cursed he became hot tempered sometimes. He was depressed because he could not find his true love that could make him back to his normal self. Since he has scary complexion, he lived in his castle with his trusted maids and guards, who were also cursed by the witch.

2. Maurice
Maurice is Belle’s father who was well known as the village inventor. Unfortunately, most of the people in the village considered him as an insane person. This character is very important especially in the opening of the story. It was told that Maurice had successfully finished his new invention, an automatic firewood chopper. With an intention to how his invention to the Country Fair, he had to pass the woods to get there. However, he got lost and found a dark castle during his escape from rabid wolves. In the castle, he made a mistake and immediately locked up by the owner of the castle, that was the Beast. Upon hearing what happened to her father, Belle came to rescue.

3. Other Characters
Aside from the main Beauty and the Beast characters names there are also several side characters that are also important in the movie. The first is Cogsworth, a loyal Majordomo of the Beast who had transformed into pendulum clock. The second is Mrs. Potts, the castle’s kitchen head who had transformed into a teapot. Her son, Chip, was also transformed into a teacup and later befriended Belle when she was being captured.

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List of Beauty and the Beast Characters Names
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