Symptoms Of Allergy To Hair Dye

Allergy To Hair Dye - Changing the color of our hair is probably one of the most interesting ideas to get you a new and fresh look. However, you need to also be considerate and careful in choosing the hair dye or hair coloring products. These days, there are already a lot of cases of allergy to hair dye that have been recorded in the society all over the world. This is very ironic since you can possibly harm yourself just because you want to be styled up.

Each people have different level of allergy sensitivity toward chemicals so the effect and reaction will also vary from one to another. There are various levels of allergic reactions start from the mildest to the most severe allergy. You need to know the symptoms of each reaction so you can be aware in case you experience such condition in the future. This article will surely help you recognize hair dye allergies so you better read it carefully.

Mild Allergy

The mildest or lightest allergy to hair dye products can be indicated by slight tingling or itchy feeling in your scalp area. This situation is actually called dermatitis that is an allergic contact toward something and usually forms into itchy rash. Usually, this type of allergy will not only affect the scalp area but also other areas as well, such as the top of your ear, eyelid’s upper area, and also your neck’s back.

PPD in Hair Dye Allergies

Another type of mild allergic reaction to hair dye that usually happens is scaly scalp that will make your scalp in a condition that is like dandruff. Although this type of allergic reactions is considered mild but it is still very annoying and disturbing a lot.

Serious Allergy

1. Reaction to Hair Dye Symptoms

You will need to be more careful and considerate in case you experience more serious allergic to hair dye you just used to your hair. If the previous mild allergy reaction to hair coloring product above gets worse, it will turn into inflammation case that is definitely not a trivial matter that can be left unattended.

2. Reaction to Hair Dye Treatment

The symptom of this condition is when you feel that the rash on your scalp is getting swollen and redder, even more when it also affects your face. Moreover, it will also typically cause corneal damage at this stage. The complication will also include nausea, coughing, and also sneezing that is actually caused by sensitivity toward chemicals. If you experience this stage then you need to see your doctor and ask for medication.

Severe Allergy

Remedies for Hair Dye Allergies

This type of allergy to hair dye is usually experienced by people who have high allergic case. Respiratory distress is one of the most severe conditions of hair dye allergy. If you experience short breath or can hardly breathe during the application of the hair dye, you need to be aware for allergic possibility. Do not treat this condition as simple and unimportant condition since it can further turn into fatal anaphylactic condition. If you experience this type of condition then you need to immediately seek for medical treatment since it is considered a life threatening situation. Ok, thank you for reading about Symptoms Of Allergy To Hair Dye

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Symptoms Of Allergy To Hair Dye
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