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Popular Celebrity Hair Stylists 2016 - If we are talking about amazing hairstyles of Hollywood celebrities, we will be wondering about the person behind their stunning hair style.  Here, we will give you several names of celebrity hair stylists and also fashion stylists who usually make us looking in awe at our favorite celebrities. These popular hair stylists are definitely the bests hair stylists you can find in this world.

5 Popular Celebrity Hair Stylists 2016

1. Kate Young
The name of Kate Young is also undoubtedly included in the list of celebrity hair stylists who are very popular all over the world. She actually started her career at a famous fashion house, Vogue. Her work on Natalie Portman was very successful that it has successfully captures a lot of attentions. It is no wonder that even Alicia Keys was very interested to her works and decided to work with Kate Young.

2. Petra Flannery
Flannery is no doubt a great name in the history of Hollywood hair stylists since years ago. Flannery’s clients are celebrities that have won various awards for their best look. Zoe Saldana, the actress of Avatar the movie, is one of the examples of Flannery’s client who won several awards because of her look and also hair style done by Petra Flannery at the time. Aside from Zoe Saldana, the famous Emma “Hermione” Watson also won the best look in Calvin Klein and Chanel’s version because of her gorgeous hair style. He is also said to be the hair stylist to do Mila Kunis’s hair in Oscar champagne.

3. George Kotsiopoulos
If you are looking for one of the best Hollywood’s professional hair stylists then you can learn the name of George Kotsiopoulos. Kotsiopoulos has a lot of celebrity clients who have trusted their look for important events. Do you remember Oscar Academy Awards when Kathryn Bigelow won the Best Director category? She was wearing Kotsiopoulos’s artwork at the time. In addition, other famous names such as Katy Perry, Kerry Washington, Kristen Stewart and Freida Pinto also asked George Kotsiopoulos to do their hair style for important events in their life.

4. Dean Banowetz
Aside from the previous names of celebrity hair stylists you have read above, Dean Banowetz is absolutely a name that cannot be left behind.  He has been working for American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. It is indeed his amazing ideas and revolutionary skill that have made the name of Dean Banowetz soars up until today. it is no surprising that Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood have chosen him to be their trusted personal hair stylist.

5. Sally Hershberger
Sally Hershberger is another popular name of Hollywood hair stylist you need to also know. She has been very famous for her extraordinary skill and trendsetting vision that has also captured a lot of celebrities’ hearts. Hershberger has her own unique taste in hair styling and hair cutting that perfectly fit the taste of celebrities who love extraordinary things. Hershberger has built her business in professional beauty and hair care in Los Angeles and New York to help women in this world achieve their dreamt look.

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Popular Celebrity Hair Stylists 2016
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