How to Get Beautiful Shoes for Women

How to Get Beautiful Shoes for Women - Shoes are also the most important thing for women in fashion and most women really love to buy and wear beautiful shoes and because of that you will find the tight competition among the footwear companies and it is done by them so that their ultimate collections can be presented every season that will not be missed by any women. The latest beautiful shoes for women will be come up by the particular team and designers owned by each footwear company. Fashion industry needs the creative team and designers like that so the brand can be brought to the top and the women can be spoiled by these beautiful things.

If you want to create the beautiful shoes for women by your own creativity so it will also be more inexpensive to you, then a basic style for the shoe should be chosen first. Mary janes, slippers, loafers, slides, wedges, booties, boots, closed toe, round toe pumps and sleek toe pumps and open toe are included in a variety of styles of the women’s shoes that can be made by you based on your preference, comfort level and satisfaction. Then, a sketchbook can be grabbed by you and a preliminary design of the shoe can be drawn.

Heels are in trending now and you should not miss the opportunity which will allow you to design the heels based on your imagination and creativity, so a type of heel can be decided on. Chunky heels, kitten heels, stilettos, and platforms are included in the heels type that can be chosen by you to be made based on your creativity and taste. Next, how high you would like the heel to be should also be decided and you should also measure the heel heights in inches, but if you are not a type of woman who loves heels, a shoe without heel or often called as flat shoe can also be designed by you.

How to Design Beautiful Shoes for Women

After the model or the shoe type has already been decided, a color or pattern for your shoe can then be chosen because they also play the important role in creating the beautiful shoes for women. A solid color or a combination of two or more colors can be picked by you based on your favorite colors but of course without ignoring the aesthetic side of the shoe later. Floral motif, polka dots, and stripes are included in the patterns that can be chosen by you if you want your shoe can be filled with any motifs so that it can look more attractive and colorful.

Beautiful Shoes for Women Designing Tips

The material of the shoe can be chosen, it can be imitation leather, denim, Lucite, suede, cloth, patent leather, or even leather and other synthetic materials. After that, if you would like any embellishments on the shoe should also be decided and your shoes can then be decorated with beads, appliqu├ęs, spikes, studs, tassels, and embroidery. Here, your shoes will be given with the flair look by the embellishments you have chosen.

How to Get Beautiful Shoes for Women

The type of straps or closures for the shoe should also be decided by you, whether it is one strap so that around your ankle can be wrapped or two long straps so around your ankle can be winded, it all is up to you. Well, your sketch must have been finished, right? The steps are not difficult to be done if you really like beautiful shoes for women fashion.

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How to Get Beautiful Shoes for Women
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