Summer Highlight Ideas for Dark Brown Hair BEST

It is like a precise art when you are looking to highlighting your dark brown hair. And nowadays, with ideas available, it is not hard tasks. Hair will wind up looking artificial and juvenile if the highlights are too light or too large, so it is important for you to experience about highlight ideas for your dark brown hair before you are highlighting your hair.

With subtle highlights, show your dark brown hair a shimmery summer that will not wear out their welcome. Add dimension and texture to your dark brown hair without the commitment of regular touch-ups and damage control by a few strategically placed highlights. However, keep your shine, because darker hair reflects more light than blond hair, but draw more attention to your tresses with blond highlights that sparkle without robbing your hair of its natural luster.

Slight Lights

With highlights throughout small section of hair, which no wider than a quarter of a centimeter, a natural look will be given to your dark brown hair. This look is deal for athletic or active women with solid brunette hair or dark brown hair in need of dimension. Give your dark brown hair a sun-kissed look by five to seven highlighted section, which are hassle-free and should be considered well, to usher in the summer months.


Streak your dark brown hair with chunky highlights that are unquestionably intentional if you are ready for a drastic change. A full head of chunky blond highlights, if you have light to medium brown hair, will give you a new look for summer. However, avoid too much contrast with your skin’s natural tones by opt for face-framing strands in darker shades of blond. Lighter skin-tones and dark brown eyes will be enhanced by this highlighting look.

Amber Highlights

Amber highlights are used to make the most of brown hair become reddish tones, which is including highlight ideas for your dark brown hair. Processing time, compared with the other ideas, is quicker for bringing out amber tones and it is a low-maintenance look that transitions from summer to fall without making a trip to the salon. But avoid the tendency to get carried away with the temptation to go blond because amber highlights look even brighter in the summer sun. Give your skin-tone a summer glow of amber highlights by starting with a partial, or just a few face-framing strands.


Reflecting light from the summer sun, multi-tonal highlights will give “mousy” brown hair looks thicker and more vibrant. This dual-process highlighting option is ideal for fine hair with a tendency to look “ashy brown”. Just simply blend with your dark brown hair for a fresh summer style, once you have chosen a combination of blond and dark-blond highlights, which opens the hair shaft, and also giving flat brown hair more volume.


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Summer Highlight Ideas for Dark Brown Hair BEST
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