Burgandy Hair Color Best and Latest

There are so many hair colors that can be tried by you, whether it is purple, yellow, light brown, highlights and so on, but the burgundy hair color is still the popular one that can be tried by you especially for you who have already had grays and this is included in the best colors to be used so your gray hair can be hidden by this permanent hair color. This color cannot only be used so that your gray hair can be covered, but a new look will also be given to you when your hair color is changed into the burgundy one. However, be careful when you decide to dye your hair because your hair can get damaged by the chemicals especially when the relaxers or straighteners are also used by you.

You are also allowed to make and dye your hair with burgundy hair color yourself at home and the first thing that will be needed to be done here is that the alkanet root can be chopped into pieces and it can be placed into a dry, screw-top jar before the rubbing alcohol can be poured into the jar until you can cover the root pieces. Here, the alcohol change color should also be noticed as the solvent begun and the color can be extracted from the root. It can then be allowed to be soaked until a dark-bluish color can be achieved and the root pieces can be removed and they can be stored in a plastic container.

Then, the mixture can be kept open overnight so the alcohol can be evaporated. The concentrated formula can also be expected so that it can be intensified and turned to a thick concentrated substance before the concentrate can be stirred by using a plastic spoon so the bits of dried pigment can be blended from the side of the jar. After that, the jar can be labeled with a due date of one year in order to make your own burgundy hair color.

After that, the oil can be added to the concentrate and it should be allowed to be steeped for 24 hours at room temperature and the mixture can be swirled from time to time and any water will not be allowed to be added to the mixture because the root will not dilute in water. The root pieces can also be added for a darker color and then they can be removed when you are satisfied before the dye can be mixed. Moreover, ¼ cup of the hair dye can be warmed on low heat in a small pot on a stove top and it can then be applied to your hair finally.

Then, two or more applications can be needed so the desired results can be got and your hair length and your hair type will determine the results. And the unused hair dye can be disposed of after one year. Moreover, any acidity will not also be allowed to be added to the oil because the color can be changed to crimson in your own burgundy hair color.

So, if you are worried whether the hair color brands are safe to be used or not, then, the burgundy hair color can be made yourself. These ideas and steps can be tried at home today. Well, you can try them today but that the preparation is already perfect should also be made sure.

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Burgandy Hair Color Best and Latest
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