Best Primer for Oily Skin 2016

Being categorized as a person who has oily skin is probably not an advantageous condition. Oily skin often makes us find problematic conditions, especially regarding makeup and skin care. It is quite hard for oily skin to suit any cosmetic products offered in the markets out there. The over rated level of oil under the skin makes it hard for them to find cosmetics that can last longer on their skin and also not make their skin oilier instead. In order to overcome this problem, one way you need to do is to get the best primer for oily skin that can make your makeup stays longer and perfect.

Even though it is previously stated that it is harder for oily skin to get their perfect match in cosmetics but it does not mean that you can get one. In fact, manufacturers these days have started competing in manufacturing cosmetic products that can suit various types of skin, be it dry skin, normal or oily skin. The same also happens to primer products nowadays that are also manufactured in various types.

Primer is actually very important before you apply any other types of cosmetics on your face. This type of cosmetics will definitely ready your face before applying foundation and compact powder so it can last longer. Some primer brands are indeed too greasy for oily skin but there are also several brands that are safe to wear. What are they? Here come the answers.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is the first recommendation we have for the best primer for oily skin you can surely try. This cosmetic brand has been very committed in supplying high quality cosmetic products since 1946. Their Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher is one product they offer especially for those who have oily skin. With the pore minimizing feature, this primer product will definitely help you reduce the oil of your face when you are wearing makeup. Non greasy and soft serum will be a super light addition to your face before wearing makeup so you can feel more comfortable.


Another recommended primer for oily skin you can also consider is Smashbox. This cosmetic brand has a special offer for oily skin called Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer. This is a great invented primer that is originally meant to help you control shine, especially on camera. It contains a great quality of moisturizing ingredient and also hydrating system as well so you can surely suppress the oil production in your skin. The secret of this primer is the grape seeds extract that is believed to give you smooth and silky skin.

Nars Cosmetics

Nars Cosmetics has also been a great supplier of the best primer for oily skin in the markets. Its Pro-Prime Skin Smoothing Face Prep is their popular primer that suits oily skin perfectly. The specialties of this primer by Nars Cosmetics are the antioxidants and anti inflammatory ingredient. Different from any other primers that are usually liquid, Nars has solid primer with matt effect. Although it is solid but it is silky and smooth so you can easily apply it on your skin.


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Best Primer for Oily Skin 2016
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