Blonde and Black Hair Color Ideas for 2016

Do you have planning to change your hair color? Are you boring with the common and same hair color? We recommended you to change your hair color into blonde and black hair color. if you have black hair color, it is great because you can add blonde color to your hair.

Give accentuate to your hair with adding blonde hair. Blonde hair will make you hair look different look and light to your hair. If you want to a new look, choosing blonde and black hair color is perfect choice.

Weaving your black hair with blonde effect can instantly dazzle your look. Adding a little bit of blonde or for get a heavy blonde chunk, it is just depending on you. Blonde hair color will transform and define your style statement to a desirable level. Give soften of black hair with blonde it is perfect combine, because for a balance look with your appearance.

Decide the right ideas to make your hair look interesting. And make sure you get comfort with your hair color. Here are different ideas for dying black and blonde hair color as your inspiration when it comes to dying hair color. Check below this

1. Blending the black and the blonde color

This is one another of ideas for dying black and blonde hair color. Use a variation of both colors in order to achieve alight brunette color. If you blending together with equal part of each, they will offer a brunette color. To get these colors, you should be done in a salon because store bought black and blonde dyes will not mix well together. To create this color is more difficult, so ask to hair professional like a salon for a color that is darker in tone but has lighter hues to it.

2. Black and blonde highlight

Another way to get hair that is a combination of black and blonde is using highlights. With your black hair you can add blonde highlight or you can try put black highlight on your blonde hair. With highlight, they can create the illusion of dimension or depth to your hair. This color will look nice and give an effect you want.

3. Blonde on top and black on bottom

Fun experiment you can try into your hair to create a new look and definite different look. You can do this process at home or go to salon. To doing this process it is no more difficult to try. If you have naturally black hair color, it is easiest to keep your naturally color for the roots of your hair and adding blonde hair color to your lower part of your hair. To do this process, you can use shower cap over and pin it around your parts that should not be dye or draw a line of your hair with comb to create a line should be dye. And then begin the process to dye blonde hair color. So, choose the right idea that is suit for your personality.

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Blonde and Black Hair Color Ideas for 2016
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